Robotics for Nuclear Environments

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Four top institutions supported by key project partners


The University of Manchester has the most advanced nuclear research capability in the UK, much of it focused around the irradiation capabilities at the Dalton Cumbrian Facility and its decommissioning research unit in West Cumbria.

Dalton Cumbrian Facility School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering



Bristol Robotics Laboratory is the largest operation of its type in the UK, with a 4,000m2 facility and its own on-site SME specialist incubator. The Laboratory has world-class expertise in multi-robot collaboration and human/robot interaction.

UWE Bristol Bristol Robotics Laboratory



The University of Birmingham is a leading UK institution for nuclear research and has one of the country’s foremost robotic groups. It bridges the gap between the nuclear expertise of Manchester and the robotic expertise of Bristol.

Birmingham Extreme Robotics Laboratory



The National Nuclear Laboratory has vast experience across the whole nuclear fuel cycle and a history of deploying robots in hazardous nuclear environments. The Laboratory has a range of unique facilities for experimental robot deployment.

The programme’s key members have leading roles in various national and international bodies including IEEE RAS, IET, UKACC, Northern Robotics Network and the IEEE Technical Committee on Robotics and Automation for Nuclear Facilities (RANUF).

The National Nuclear Laboratory