Robotics for Nuclear Environments

Key Publications from the RNE Programme



Model Identification of a Small Omnidirectional Aquatic Surface Vehicle: a Practical Implementation
Groves K, Dimitrov M, Peel P, Marjanovic O and Lennox B. (2020)
2020 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)

Watch the video presentation here.



Localisation of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) in Complex and Confined Environments: A Review

Watson S, Duecker DA, and Groves K. (2020)
A Review
. Sensors



Preliminary Evaluation of an Orbital Camera for Teleoperation of Remote Manipulators

Talha M, and Stolkin R, (2019)
2019 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)



MallARD: An Autonomous Aquatic Surface Vehicle for Inspection and Monitoring of Wet Nuclear Storage Facilities

Groves K, Lennox B, West A, Gornicki K, Watson S, Carrasco J, (2019)
Robotics, 8(2), 47



On Proactive, Transparent and Verifiable Ethical Reasoning for Robots

Bremner P, Dennis, LA, Fisher M & Winfield, AF, (2019).
Proceedings of the IEEE, 107(3), 541-561



Limitations of Wireless Power Transfer Technologies for Mobile Robots

Cheah, W, Watson, S and Lennox, B, (2019)
Wireless Power Transfer, accepted subject to minor corrections



Ethical Standards in Robotics and AI

Winfield AF, (2019)
Nature Electronics, 2(2), 46-48




Embodiment of an Aquatic Surface Vehicle in an Omnidirectional Ground Robot

Lennox, C, Groves, K, Hondru, V, Arvin, F, Gornicki, K, Lennox, B, (2019)
IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics



A Debris Clearance Robot for Extreme Environments

West, C, Arvin, F, Cheah, W, West, A, Watson, S, Giuliani, M, Lennox, B, (2019a)


Development of a Debris Clearance Vehicle for Limited Access Environments

West, C, Cheah, W, Rajasekaran, V, West, A, Arvin, F, Watson, S, Giuliani, M, Stolkin, R and Lennox, B, (2019b)


Singularity-Robust Inverse Kinematics Solver for Tele-Manipulation

Ortenzi, V, Marturi, N, Kumar, V, Adjigble, M, Stolkin, R, (2019)
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, accepted




Model-Free and Learning Free Grasping by Local Contact Moment Matching

Adjigble M, Marturi N, Rajasekaran V, Ortenzi V, Corke P, Stolkin R, (2018)




Choosing Grasps to Enable Collision-Free Post-Grasp Manipulations

Pardi T, Ghalamzan A, Stolkin R, (2018)
IEEE-RAS Humanoids


Feature and Performance Comparison of the V-REP, Gazebo and ARGoS Robot Simulators

Pitonakova L, Giuliani M, Pipe A, Winfield A. (2018)
TAROS, Bristol



Reactive Virtual Forces for Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Swarm Exploration and Mapping

Bridgwater T, Winfield AF, Pipe T (2017)
In Gao Y., Fallah S., Jin Y., Lekakou C. (Ed.), Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems. TAROS 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 10454. Cham:Springer.